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Montessori Educators
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Scholarship

Selection Process

All completed applications will initially be reviewed by the University Board of Governors. This initial screening will normally take place within 30 days of the receipt of the application. At that time each applicant will be informed of the results of the initial review.

As a result of the initial screening, applicants are placed into four categories:

1. The applicant is not eligible for admission to the Program;
2. The applicant meets the minimum admission standards for the Program but is not eligible for further scholarship consideration;
3. The applicant is eligible for admission to the Program and has been awarded a partial scholarship; or
4. The applicant remains eligible for the full scholarship.

Each applicant will receive an e-mail acknowledgement that their application has been received and a status report. In March of 2011, a selection committee will review the top applicants and make a selection. (The committee may request additional information and request a telephone interview.)

Special Conditions

The award is subject to the following conditions:

  • The recipient of the full scholarship must consent to the use of his/her name and background in a News Release to be prepared by the University;
  • To keep the scholarship in force, the recipient of the full scholarship must begin the program within six months of notification, complete on average at least one Semester every 12 months, and remain in good academic standing as defined in the University's General Catalog and Student Handbook.


Application Deadline Extended to March 15th, 2011.


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