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The 15th Annual Dr. Roger J. Duthoy Scholarship Program

Application Procedure

Complete the standard Application form.
(The normal $75.00 Application Fee is waived for scholarship applications.)

Send the following additional documentation:

  • A current resume or vita detailing your current and previous employment, outlining employers, location, length of employment and accomplishments.

  • Copies of transcripts documenting your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree coursework (Student copies are acceptable at this stage, but official copies from the granting institution will be required upon acceptance to the program.

  • In addition to the material listed above, please present a personal statement indicating your rationale for seeking the degree. Outline any community or charitable activities, provide personal and professional references, and list any additional information that you feel would assist the University in evaluating your qualifications.

    (Please do not submit bound or original documents. Documents cannot be returned.)

Send Application Materials to the University

Option 1

Scan and email the documents to: admissions@taft.edu

Option 2

Mail the documents to:

William Howard Taft University
600 South Cherry Street, Suite 525
Denver, CO  80246
U. S. A

Attention: Admissions Department

Application Materials must be recieved by: December 31, 2014.


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