Application Form for Degree Programs

(Please complete as much information as possible to avoid delays in processing your application)

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Section I - Personal Data

Section II

Select the degree program you are applying for admission to:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs: concentration concentration concentration


List all undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities that you have attended, starting with the most recent and working backward. Include only courses completed, which could be applied towards a degree program at an accredited or approved institution.

(Please complete as much information as possible to avoid delays in processing your application)

Name of College(s) City and State Dates Attended
From - To
Semester Hours
Degree Date Earned
or Expected
GPA (4.0 basis)
Estimate if
not known

Please email or fax a copy of your university/college transcripts documenting the highest degree earned. Official transcripts sent from the granting institution will be required within 60 days of enrollment. (The University provides students with a form which may be used for this purpose.) Bachelor degree program applicants must provide verification of High School graduation, GED, or the equivalency. Email: FAX: 303-867-1156.

Have you ever previously applied to William Howard Taft University or Taft Law School?

If yes, indicate the approximate date of application and result:

Section III - Occupational History, Goals and References

All Applicants:

Please attach a resume detailing your current and previous employment outlining employers, location, and length of employment, responsibilities and accomplishments in each position:

Doctorate Program Applicants Only:

The University is interested in learning about your professional and personal goals as they relate to the Program. In no more than two pages, prepare a personal statement (in MS Word®) describing your future plans and how a Doctoral Degree may enhance these plans. Discuss skills you expect to gain through the Program and how your current and past experiences may shape your future plans.
Email your Personal Statement to:

Doctorate program applicants are required to provide two personal or professional references. Please download the Reference Forms and follow the instructions to send the completed forms to the University.

Section IV - Specialized Training
Courses / Seminars Attended Location Dates No. of
Classroom Hrs.
Diploma / Cert

Section V - Professional Licenses

List any professional licenses held

Name of License Held Issuing Agency Date Obtained Expiration Date

Section VI - Tuition Payment Options

If accepted for admission, please prepare the Enrollment Agreement as set forth below:

(Doctoral program applicants select this option).

Section VII - Agreement

I have read and fully understand the innovative, alternative concepts of education utilized by the University as set forth in the University Catalog. I have carefully read the University Catalog and hereby make application for admission to the University. I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is accurate and complete.

This Application for Admission must be accompanied by an Application Fee of $75.00 (with an additional $55.00 for Applicants Seeking Transfer Credit). Payable by check or credit card.

If paying by check, please print this page before submitting it, and mail it with your payment to the University:

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Attn: Admissions

William Howard Taft University practices a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and admission. The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, nondisqualifying handicap, religion, creed, or national or ethnic origin.

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