Anita M. Cassard

Born in Vienna/Austria, Anita Cassard completed her undergraduate coursework at the Economic Research Institute and Institute of Advanced Studies. She received her MPS from The New School University in New York City, and her doctoral degree from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Applied Management and Decision Sciences). Anita collaboratively writes papers published in scientific journals such as: JABE-Journal of Applied Business and Economics Issue19/2, How Europe is seen from Outside (and Inside) the European Union: A Discussion Paper (Cassard, Sloboda, 2017), IGI-Global Disseminator of Knowledge: Emerging Tools and Applications of virtual Reality in Education. Chapter 3 Faculty Perception of Virtual 3-D Learning Environment to Assess Outcomes of Student Learning (Sloboda, Cassard, 2016), Insight – A Journal of Scholarly Teaching, Volume 9, (Leading the Charge for SoTL-Embracing Collaboration (Cassard, Sloboda 2014), JSBHS- Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences (Women and their Relationship to Leader, Follower Commitment, and Job Performance: Netherlands, Belgium, and North Carolina (Cassard, Hamel 2008). VDM-Publishing in Germany, published her book, The Sherpa Leadership Model: A Model of Disempowerment, in Europe, Asia, and the United States. She is a contributing writer on, a member of Sigma Iota Epsilon-Zeta Rho Chapter and Delta Mu Delta, and serves as Dissertation Chair at Taft University and the School of Advanced Studies at Phoenix University. In addition, Anita has served as a member and/or board chairman for several education and healthcare related advisory boards during the past years.

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