Neil A. Johnson

Postsecondary Education:

Bachelor of Science – Colorado State University
Master of Science – Colorado State University
Doctor of Philosophy – Colorado State University

Other Information:

Dr. Neil A. Johnson has 35 years of experience in higher education and corporate executive management. He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels, owned his own international training company and held executive positions in both the corporate and government sector. After receiving his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Colorado State University, Dr. Johnson served seven years with the US Army and Department of Defense. Since then, he has held positions as Manager of Flight Operations Training Development for United Airlines, Executive on Loan to the NASA Space Shuttle Program, Member of the Space Station Advisory Board, and Vice-President of Safety and Regulatory Compliance for two regional airlines. Most recently he has served as National Director of Education for Westwood College of Aviation Technology and Chief Academic Officer for Aspen University. His International business experience includes the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia. Dr. Johnson is the recipient of two Outstanding Achievement Awards from United Airlines for his work on Crew Resource Management, and two Official Commendations from the U.S. Army for flight test of the Advanced Attack Helicopter. He is internationally recognized for his work on human factors in aviation and space and he is a past editor of the Journal of the Human Factors Society.

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