Lorraine Cleeton

Dr. Cleeton received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2000.  Her research focus was on Learning Strategies , Cognitive Style and External Representations in learning performance.

Dr. Cleeton has developed courses for online and face-to-face universities which include Foundations for Doctoral Research, Research Barriers in Online Education, and Assessment in Special Education .  She has successfully mentored doctoral students both as chair and methodologist at several online universities.  She has written articles on Cognition and Problem Solving and presented at national and international conferences.  She has published extensively on special education and most recently on mind models of disability.

Dr. Cleeton serves as a reviewer for Assessment in Higher Education and the International Association For Development of the Information Society (IDAIS).  She also serves on the Executive Committee – The ARC for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (Columbia, SC Branch).


Bachelor of Arts – Hunter College    (CUNY)
Master of Arts –    Lehman College   (CUNY)
Doctor of Philosophy – University of Birmingham (UK)

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