Maple Melder-Crozier

Maple is an Associate Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley.  She began there in 1991 when it was Fraser Valley College.  She was instrumental in bringing the CYC degree program to the college as it transitioned into a University. She has participated in many international and national projects and programs there.  She is currently engaged in her third stint as Department head for the Child, Youth & Family Studies Department.

Maple has worked in the field of CYC in many capacities.  She has done Suicide Prevention and Crisis management frontline work, along with being an Administrator for Vision Youth.  She values the benefits of community and participates in community development regularly.

Maple has a BA in Biological Science) from California State University at Hayward; an MS in Education with an Educational Psychology option.  Her post-graduate projects there included Science Attainment in Primary Students, and Math Counting Approaches.  Her thesis was entitled Intelligence, Family, and Success:  Are they related?  She also attained a California State Counselor’s Certification, College Instructor’s Certificate, and a K-12 Teacher’s Certification. Her doctoral work was at William Howard Taft University, and since intelligence has continued to be an interest area, completed her dissertation in 2003 in the area of Multiple Intelligences and school success.

Maple is married and has 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.  She is passionate about her family, football, and footwear.

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