Jillian R.Skelton

Dr. Jillian Skelton serves as a faculty member, dissertation mentor, and professional copy editor. She attended the University of Georgia for my undergraduate degree in business communication. Her Master’s degree was in education while her Specialist degree was with University of Alabama in Instructional Leadership. Jillian actively pursued a second career higher education with a particular focus on various leadership arenas, training and development from the University of Alabama.

After graduating from UA with her doctorate she maintains an active writing and publishing schedule. Jillian eventually specialized in APA 6th formatting and dissertation editing. She has been fortunate to be a faculty mentor, faculty trainer, and instructor as well as actively writing/researching in higher education. Her research specialties are in qualitative method, all designs, with areas of interest in leadership, business leadership, organizational change, leadership models, educational leadership, instruction and curriculum, with many more but to much to list. Jillian has been the recipient of different awards such as New Hire of the Year, Nominated online teacher of the month, and awards such as Highly Recognized faculty. Jillian also holds a current k-12 teaching certificate.

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