A new video from The Distance Education Accrediting Commission offers an overview of the benefits of distance education.

The video describes how the quality and accessibility of distance education are quickly and significantly improving as both learners and educators become more adept at technology. The video also provides the perspectives of distance education students from DEAC-accredited institutions on how engaging in distance education supported their education goals while they worked to balance career and family responsibilities.

“Our collaborative aim was to emphasize the importance of accreditation when considering distance education and to provide informative and reliable resources to students,” said Dr. Leah Matthews, DEAC Executive Director. “Producing this video segment aligns with DEAC’s commitment to serving the greater social good through setting standards for distance education that ensure excellence in teaching, learning, and student outcomes.”

The video airs on the Fox Business Network May 14-15, 2015, and is also being distributed to Public Television affiliates nationwide the week of May 25, 2015 for multiple airings around the country.

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission, formerly the Distance Education and Training Council, is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1926 that operates as a national accreditor of distance education institutions. DEAC’s goal is to ensure a high standard of educational quality in the distance education institutions it accredits and a quality education for the more than two million students who annually study at its accredited institutions.

William Howard Taft University is accredited by The Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Click Here for more information.

Taft University Awards Doctor of Education Scholarship

William Howard Taft University is pleased to announce the 15th Annual Roger J. Duthoy Scholarship recipient is Robert Gray from Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Gray is currently an assistant academic director with the Center for Exploratory Studies at the University of Cincinnati. He impressed the scholarship review committee with his background in career development and academic advising in higher education.

In his current role, Robert advises undecided students in the selection of their best fit major and teaches and oversees curriculum for a class called “Discovering UC”.

Before joining the Center for Exploratory Studies, Robert was the program director for the Career Development Center where he taught Professional Development II and Career Decision Making. He received the Dean’s List of Teaching Excellence award multiple times based on his student evaluation scores. Before working at UC, Robert was the director of career services at Brown Mackie College where he was responsible for overseeing a department responsible for assisting graduates secure in-field employment within six months of graduation. At Brown Mackie College, Robert received the Outstanding Achievement Award and was a Top Achievers Group recipient. He also has experience in the staffing industry as a recruiter, senior account manager, and on-site manager working with multiple clients across various industries to fulfill their recruitment needs.

“I am incredibly excited to receive this scholarship. This opportunity will allow me to fulfill my dream of furthering my education at the doctoral level. I know that my passion for assisting students in the achievement of their academic and career goals will be enhanced by my studies.”

Robert is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction and South University, Savannah, Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in human resources management. In the past, Robert has served as the chair of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce College Connect Committee, a member of the Northern Kentucky Education Alliance, and as chair of the workforce readiness committee and as a board member of the Northern Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management.

M.B.A. with a Concentration in Professional Practice Management

DENVER, Colorado – December 4, 2014

Jerome Alley, President of William Howard Taft University has announced that applications are being accepted for enrollment in a new graduate program developed for recent law school graduates. The M.B.A. program with a concentration in Professional Practice Management is believed to be the first program of its kind – designed specifically for newly admitted attorneys who are facing employment challenges.

The Program combines a traditional M.B.A. curriculum with webinars and assignments of interest to attorneys who would like to successfully operate a small or solo law practice. Alley believes the Program will attract a special type of student. He noted, “While some law school graduates have strong business skills, others particularly those with liberal arts degrees, have very little business knowledge. These are the types of individuals that will benefit most from the program.”

Alley acknowledged that the demand for such a program is uncertain. “We know that there are thousands who can potentially benefit. But how many will be willing continue in school? Cash flow will be a consideration for many, but most students will be able to defer repayment of their current student loans while enrolled.”

Michael Sullivan, a 2013 graduate of Willamette University College of Law agreed. “I’ve been fortunate enough to land a position with the Legal Aid Society. But many of my friends are under a great deal of pressure. I expect that this type of program will be attractive to them.”

The Program was the inspiration of Taft University System Chancellor, David L. Boyd. Boyd, an attorney himself and a Trustee on the Orange County Board of Education, said “The Great Recession of 2007 resulted in a sea change for law students and newly admitted attorneys. Overnight, for most law students, the days of multiple job offers with six figure salaries vanished. While the Great Recession has ended, thousands of law school graduates have been left to sink or swim on their own. Unfortunately many are sinking in a sea of debt and low income. But some, those who have the skills to run a small or solo practice, are thriving.”

Classes, all presented online, will begin in February 2015. Alley said the present plan is to limit enrollment to 25 students at that time increasing to 100 in August 2015.

Click here for Program details.

Taft University Faculty Release New Publications


William Howard Taft University professor Dr. Casey Reason has authored a new book for Solution Tree entitled Stop Leading Like it’s Yesterday: Key Concepts for Shaping Today’s School Culture. The book is geared towards principals and teacher leaders who are interested in learning about the leadership transition schools are facing today as digital natives become the majority and an era of connectivity and technology reshapes what it means to lead and learn together in this place we call school. Casey offers a number of startling observations regarding many long-standing leadership practices in school and offers Monday morning ready change strategies that can help a school transform.

Stop Leading Like it’s Yesterday: Key Concepts for Shaping Today’s School Culture.
ISBN: 978-1936763191
The book is now available at: www.amazon.com

William Howard Taft University professor Dr. Deb Gilbert has announced that her new book on online teaching, Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor has been published. The book, co-written with eleven other experienced, industry leader online instructors, gives Modern Instructor a unique perspective in online education.

The book explores topics that are important to both new online instructors, and experienced teachers such as:
– Creating a working work-at-home pace.
– Developing social presence in the online classroom.
– How the online classroom has changed recently.
– Suggestions on grading, feedback, writing announcement.
– Advanced online teaching techniques such as mentorship and storytelling.

The book is in the pre-lease period until October 6. Look for it at: www.amazon.com

About Dr. Casey Reason:

Dr. Reason was a successful high school principal, central office administrator, professor, leadership trainer and consultant. He has worked in developing and implementing winning leadership strategies with school leaders from all over the world as well as with leaders from business and industry in Fortune 100 companies. Dr. Reason’s first book was endorsed by bestselling author Dr. Ken Blanchard and was the recipient of the Phi Delta Kappa International Book of the Year Award in 2010. Casey’s consulting company also won the Blackboard International Course Design of the Year Award in 2011 for outstanding professional practice in instructional design.

Dr. Reason has been a professor at William Howard Taft University’s Boyer School of Education for five years and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his twin sons Brice and Kiah Reason.

About Dr. Deb Gilbert:

Dr. Deb Gilbert is a professor of education, research, and leadership – facilitating courses at William Howard Taft University’s Boyer School of Education. She has been involved in public schools and higher education for over 25 years and has a passion for promoting literacy.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with a Concentration in Educational Technology and Leadership

Dr. Barry Resnick, Administrative Dean of The Boyer Graduate School of Education of William Howard Taft University, has announced the University is accepting applications for a new online Ed.D. program. This new program builds on the success of the current Doctor of Education program with the addition of a concentration in Educational Technology and Leadership.

The Doctor of Education is a practical, directed independent study program which emphasizes course work in leadership and management in a variety of educational and public service settings. The Educational Technology Concentration provides students with a solid foundation of advanced concepts in instructional design, management, laws and ethics, and emerging trends as they apply to the use of technology in a variety of educational settings. The Program is of particular interest to individuals with public or private school teaching experience who seek administrative positions or middle level managers who are interested in moving into higher levels of administration.

The Program is facilitated by highly qualified faculty with vast and varied academic teaching and administrative experience and terminal degrees earned from some of the top Universities in the nation.

All coursework in the Program is presented in a distance learning modality. Accordingly, students may keep their full-time positions, and perform coursework on their schedule – anywhere with Internet access.

For more details visit: http://www.taft.edu/edd-tech.htm
Or call: 877-894-TAFT (8238)

Taft University Awards Honorary Doctorate to Denise M. Bender

William Howard Taft University honors founder and past Executive Director of the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center (LCCI/MH) – Denise M. Bender – with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters (D.Litt) for her social contributions and public service to victims of domestic violence in Idaho.

Dr. Neil Johnson, Chief Academic Officer at Taft University granted the honorary doctorate degree at the retirement party celebrating Denise’s 14 years of continuous service in Salmon, Idaho. He was assisted by Dr. Kary Ledbetter, current director of LCCI/MH and a member of the Taft University faculty.

Left to right: Dr. Kary Ledbetter, Denise M. Bender, Dr. Neil Johnson

“The William Howard Taft University criteria to award an honorary degree is outstanding scholarly contribution within a field supporting major breakthroughs in knowledge; or professional prominent contributions and innovative works of distinction; or the advancement of an industry of business through innovative activity; or specific social contributions and acts of public service. Ms. Bender meets not one but all four of these categories through her work founding and leading the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center,” said Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Ledbetter commented that, “throughout her career as director of LCCI/MH, Denise has contributed to the professional knowledge of her peers working to counteract the impact of domestic violence. Her innovative use of community and donor resources resulted in the creation of the Mahoney Family Safety Center, a community resource and safe place in Salmon, Idaho. She has made outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of domestic violence intervention through her authorship of numerous informative articles to local and state-wide publications and her active participation as a conference facilitator and presenter. Further, Ms. Bender provides significant social contributions and acts of public service through her community activity and advocacy efforts.

As the visionary for LCCI/MH, as well as a staunch advocate for men, women and children throughout Idaho, Ms. Bender has been able to influence public awareness of domestic violence, support children and youth as they develop their perspectives on relationships, and serve as a tireless advocate for the needs of those in the community. Denise has been an active participant in state domestic violence committees and associations. She was recently nominated as a Woman of the Year in Idaho.

“I have had four life changing experiences”, said Mrs. Bender. “The opportunity to raise four sons; to be present at the moment when my mother took her last breath; to experience a spinal cord injury and all the positive changes it led to in my life; and, receiving my doctorate in Humane Letters from Taft University. There are many ways to become educated. My spinal cord injury opened my heart to service but did not give me the knowledge I needed to be successful in running a domestic violence shelter. Over the years I learned from the men, women, and children who sought help or shared their life stories. Receiving my doctorate validates this education life provided me.”

To learn about the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center go to www.mahoneyhouse.com.