Textbook Discount Through Publisher

If you’re in MGT513 within our MBA Health Care Administration degree program, the publisher for Management Principles for Health Professionals, Seventh Edition by Joan Gratto Liebler and Charles McConnell currently has a huge discount.

Normally, the textbook has a list price of $95.95; however, they are currently offering the book at $37.50 when you order through them with the ISBN: 9781284175387.

To get the special pricing, call Jones & Bartlett Learning Customer Service at 978-443-5000 or email at customerservice@jblearning.com.

You can also contact Taft University Student Support at Student_Support@TaftU.edu if you have any questions about how to get the discount or to verify whether it is required for one of your current or upcoming courses.

For a complete list of required textbooks for our programs, visit our Required Textbooks page.