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2011 News:


Honorary Doctorate of Letters Awarded

(10/13/11)- William Howard Taft University honors founder and CEO of International Association of I.T. Asset Managers, Inc. (IAITAM) -- Barbara Rembiesa -- with an Honorary Doctorate of Letters for her contributions to the field of I.T. Asset Management (ITAM) and her extensive philanthropic contributions to the community.

Dr. David Lady, Dean of the School of Business at Taft University, granted the honorary Doctorate degree at the IAITAM 2011 Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE).

Ms. Rembiesa is the founder and leader of the International Association of IT Asset Managers, contributing to the field through her authorship of the twelve volumes of the ITAM best practice library and their impacts on industry innovation and knowledge institutionalization. Further, Ms. Rembiesa provides significant social contributions and acts of public service through her activity as an industry expert, guiding major financial, academic, manufacturing, and high tech firms throughout the United States, successfully representing corporations in negotiations with compliance agencies for software license violations.

Ms. Rembiesa has been active in supporting numerous charities including Children's Hospital, Young Marines, Wigs for Kids, Susan G. Komen, Toys for Tots, American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and others. In addition to her own charitable activities, Barbara has initiated IAITAM Gives Back -- a once a month effort encouraging herself and employees to give back to charitable causes on a regular basis not just financially, but with their time and efforts.

"I am honored to receive this recognition from such a distinguished university," said Ms. Rembiesa. "It's been nearly 10 years since IAITAM was formed and we've nurtured the birth and maturation of a new profession through IAITAM education programs."



12th Annual Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Scholarship

Taft University is pleased to announce it is now accepting applications for the 12th Annual Roger J. Duthoy Scholarship Opportunity.

The Boyer School of Education faculty will select one individual to receive a full scholarship to William Howard Taft University’s nationally accredited Doctor of Education Program.

The award, valued in excess of $20,000.00 will include all tuition and related fees. (The award recipient is only responsible for the costs of books and materials, which can be obtained through many online sources.)

In addition to the full scholarship, a limited number of partial scholarships may also be awarded to other qualified individuals.

Detailed information on the Program can be found on the University’s website or in the University’s General Catalog and the Catalog Supplement for the Program.

Application Deadline: November 30th, 2011.

Click here for details.



New MBA Elective Focus Tracks Announced

Taft University has recently received approval to offer four new Focus Track elective options to their MBA program. Focus areas consist of 3 2-unit courses in the following areas of specialty: Strategic Management, Operations Management, Information Management, and Human resources Management.

Students of the MBA program now have the option to enhance the business foundation and gain specialized knowledge by majoring in one or two of these management focus areas. Click here for details.

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Doctor of Education Scholarship Winner

William Howard Taft University is pleased to announce Carol Adams of Crocket, California as the recipient of the 11th Annual Roger J. Duthoy Scholarship Opportunity. Ms. Adams is an exceptional educator with over 33 years experience. She has participated in speaking engagements for future teachers as well as sat on multiple education councils throughout California.

Ms. Adams passion for her profession is second to none, and she strongly believes that all students have the ability to succeed. She enjoys working with at-risk students in an effort to provide them with the best possible tools, through education, in order to overcome obstacles in the future. It is her goal to use her Doctor of Education degree to help her students achieve success.

Ms. Adams is currently the Principal of a continuation school in California where she strives to provide a positive educational experience for her students daily. Her enthusiasm for her work is apparent to her students and colleagues. As a member of her District’s leadership team, she is working above and beyond her duties to ensure that each student receives the best education possible.

Taft is honored to award this scholarship to someone with such deep dedication to education. The University welcomes Ms. Adams and is proud to have her in our Doctor of Education Program.

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Second Annual Montessori Educators Master of Education Scholarship

William Howard Taft University announces Jeffrey Whitehead of Lehi, Utah as the 2nd Annual Montessori Scholarship Award Winner. With 12 years of Montessori experience, Mr. Whitehead’s passion and knowledge for the Montessori methods is astounding.

Mr. Whitehead is currently the owner and administrator of Montessori at Riverton which he opened with his wife over 10 years ago.

As a teacher, Jeff uses a hands on approach with his students, where he strives to provide equality and independence among his students. As an administrator, he spreads knowledge about the Montessori methods by holding training at his school to develop new Montessori educators and provide continuous education for Montessori veterans. His views on education help shape the success of his students' academic future as well as the growth of his school.

William Howard Taft University is thrilled to offer this scholarship to such an outstanding educator and is delighted to have him in our Master of Education Program.

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William Howard Taft University Announces the Appointment of Business School Dean

Jerome Alley, President of William Howard Taft University, announced that Dr. David Lady has been appointed Dean of the W. Edwards Deming School of Business.

Dr. Lady earned a Doctor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Technology and Engineering degree from Northcentral University. He also holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Dr. Lady was a founder of the American Institute for Management Sciences and was past president of Aspen University. His academic research interests focus on business innovation, technology based economic game theory, and new product development.

Alley commented “I am confident that David’s enthusiasm, experience and academic background will have a significant positive impact, and I welcome the opportunity to work together to advance Taft's School of Business. ”

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Taft University on the Jeopardy Show

Much to our surprise, this question was included on the March 3, 2011 competition.

Watch the Clip.



School Board Members Encourage Congress to Find Collaborative Solutions to Education Challenges

David L. Boyd, President of The Taft University System and a member of the Orange County Board of Education, joined more than 800 school board leaders to ask Congress to support public school students as they consider the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) this year.

Mr. Boyd was in Washington, D.C. to take part in the National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) 38th annual Federal Relations Network Conference, held February 6-8, 2011. He is a member of NSBA’s Federal Relations Network, a national grassroots legislative effort that urges members of Congress to make K-12 education a top priority.

Not surprisingly, school funding remains a major concern for local districts. School board leaders are requesting that Congress help insure that public education is adequately funded and discontinue the practice of passing education legislation without providing the necessary funding for local implementation. Boyd commented, “These so-called unfunded mandates can be budget killers at the local level.”

In addition, Boyd noted that some members of Congress are pushing for alternatives to local school governance. Boyd believes that, except in rare circumstances, that schools are best governed and students best served by governance from their local communities.

United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, addressed the Conference on February 7th, promising school board members that he will do everything in his power to ensure that ESEA is reauthorized by the next school year and the current law’s escalating and sometimes unfair sanctions will be replaced with supports and rewards for excellent schools. But Boyd noted that to the frustration of many school board members, he declined to address what actions, if any, he would take to remove sanctions if reauthorization does not get passed in time for the new school year.

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Taft Scholarship Winner Presents Research

Middletown kindergarten teacher, and Taft University 2009 Doctor of Education Scholarship winner Danielle Lowe spent some time in Belize earlier this month at the Belizean International Symposium of Educators, presenting her research on early reading and using books in therapy to help kids cope with crisis.

Read the full article here at the Times Herald-Record online.

Read more about Danielle Lowe.

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