Taft University Awards Honorary Doctorate to Denise M. Bender

William Howard Taft University honors founder and past Executive Director of the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center (LCCI/MH) – Denise M. Bender – with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters (D.Litt) for her social contributions and public service to victims of domestic violence in Idaho.

Dr. Neil Johnson, Chief Academic Officer at Taft University granted the honorary doctorate degree at the retirement party celebrating Denise’s 14 years of continuous service in Salmon, Idaho. He was assisted by Dr. Kary Ledbetter, current director of LCCI/MH and a member of the Taft University faculty.

Left to right: Dr. Kary Ledbetter, Denise M. Bender, Dr. Neil Johnson

“The William Howard Taft University criteria to award an honorary degree is outstanding scholarly contribution within a field supporting major breakthroughs in knowledge; or professional prominent contributions and innovative works of distinction; or the advancement of an industry of business through innovative activity; or specific social contributions and acts of public service. Ms. Bender meets not one but all four of these categories through her work founding and leading the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center,” said Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Ledbetter commented that, “throughout her career as director of LCCI/MH, Denise has contributed to the professional knowledge of her peers working to counteract the impact of domestic violence. Her innovative use of community and donor resources resulted in the creation of the Mahoney Family Safety Center, a community resource and safe place in Salmon, Idaho. She has made outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of domestic violence intervention through her authorship of numerous informative articles to local and state-wide publications and her active participation as a conference facilitator and presenter. Further, Ms. Bender provides significant social contributions and acts of public service through her community activity and advocacy efforts.

As the visionary for LCCI/MH, as well as a staunch advocate for men, women and children throughout Idaho, Ms. Bender has been able to influence public awareness of domestic violence, support children and youth as they develop their perspectives on relationships, and serve as a tireless advocate for the needs of those in the community. Denise has been an active participant in state domestic violence committees and associations. She was recently nominated as a Woman of the Year in Idaho.

“I have had four life changing experiences”, said Mrs. Bender. “The opportunity to raise four sons; to be present at the moment when my mother took her last breath; to experience a spinal cord injury and all the positive changes it led to in my life; and, receiving my doctorate in Humane Letters from Taft University. There are many ways to become educated. My spinal cord injury opened my heart to service but did not give me the knowledge I needed to be successful in running a domestic violence shelter. Over the years I learned from the men, women, and children who sought help or shared their life stories. Receiving my doctorate validates this education life provided me.”

To learn about the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center go to www.mahoneyhouse.com.

Taft University System Graduate Recognition

On Friday August 2nd, The Taft University System hosted a Graduate Recognition Event in Santa Ana, California honoring Graduates from both William Howard Taft University and Taft Law School. Graduates and their families, current students, faculty and administration were in attendance. Graduates had the opportunity to have their pictures in cap and gown receiving their diploma.

Attendance increased almost 100% from the previous graduation event, providing an opportunity for students and faculty to meet and network – most meeting face-to-face for the first time.

A commencement address was given by Dr. Leah Matthews, the Executive Director of the Distance Education and Training Council (now the Distance Education Accrediting Commission – DEAC).

William Howard Taft University and Taft Law School Re-Accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council

On June 14, 2013 the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (now the Distance Education Accrediting Commission – DEAC) voted to grant re-accreditation to The Taft University System until June 2018. Both Taft Law School and William Howard Taft University are educational divisions of The Taft University System. This action was taken after consideration of an extensive self-study prepared by the institution and a comprehensive report prepared by a site visitation team that included representatives of both regionally and American Bar Association accredited schools. The five year re-accreditation period is the maximum permissible under DEAC standards.

David L. Boyd, Chancellor of The Taft University System and a Trustee of the Orange County Board of Education, acknowledged the efforts of Taft’s administration, faculty and staff in achieving this recognition. Boyd commented, “All worked extremely hard over a long period of time to develop a self-study report that demonstrated that the University and Law School are fulfilling their stated missions. We’re pleased that the members of the visitation team and members of the DEAC recognized our commitment to providing quality educational programs and service to students.”

Dr. Leah K. Matthews, Executive Director of DEAC, stated “In receiving renewal of accreditation, Taft has demonstrated its continuing commitment to educational standards and ethical business practices that assure quality, accountability, and meaningful opportunities for students to engage fully in higher learning. The DEAC is very pleased to acknowledge the fine work of this institution and the extraordinary contribution it makes to higher education, reflecting a longstanding commitment to best practices in teaching and learning in distance education.”

Click here for more information about accreditation.

Verizon Wireless IT Asset Manager Awarded Full Scholarship

Verizon Wireless’ Luke Marples has been awarded a full scholarship by the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) to complete his Masters of Science in IT Asset Management (MSITAM) at William Howard Taft University. Luke Marples is an IT Asset Manager who works in Verizon Wireless’ IT Governance, Risk and Compliance organization.

“It’s an honor to be awarded the MSITAM scholarship and be part of the ever growing field of IT Asset Management,” said Marples. “The IAITAM association continues to be an invaluable resource in developing my career. The education, certification and networking afforded through IAITAM keeps my understanding fresh in such a dynamic profession. Thank you!”

“We wish to congratulate Luke and wish him the best,” said Barbara Rembiesa, CEO of IAITAM. “Luke’s accomplishments stand as a testament to the knowledge, expertise and growth of the overall IT Asset Management industry.

“We received twice as many entries this year making it twice as hard to select from such a large group of talented individuals,” said Rembiesa. “This highly concentrated master degree is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to expand their professional qualifications and hone their business management abilities.”

The MSITAM degree is awarded by William Howard Taft University to students who successfully complete the rigorous distance study program. IAITAM curriculum has been included in the program to provide the best possible combination of real world best practices alongside best of breed academic curriculum. The MSITAM program is designed for IT management professionals seeking to define the strategies for aligning IT with organization business drivers that promote ROI, reduce risk and increase productivity. The MSITAM Scholarship for the Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Asset Management at William Howard Taft University is offered by IAITAM. The scholarship is an essay-based selection process based on a list of qualifications.

Luke Marples has 15+ years experience in IT. Mr. Marples began in IT Asset Management (ITAM) by building an ITAM program at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ before working for the Navy as an ITAM consultant in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) division. In June of 2010 Luke began working at Verizon Wireless to assist in developing a formal ITAM program. As part of the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance organization his current focus is ITAM strategy and program development. Luke has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Engineering Management, both from New Jersey Institute of Technology. A long time member of IAITAM Luke currently holds the CSAM, CHAMP, CITAM, CITAD & CMAM certifications as well as an ITIL Foundations certificate.

Taft Doctor of Education Student Receives National Award

Mr. Brian Ingelson took a short break from his Doctoral studies to accommodate some recent obligations, and with his permission, we share his remarkable story.

“During the past three months, it has been an unbelievable period for the music program I head at Palm Springs High. As a program, we are unique and contribute almost one hundred performances per year to the community and to fund the program in these economically challenging times. We also travel internationally and have established a solid reputation both here and abroad.

In the Fall I discovered I was receiving a national award by the John Phillip Sousa Association and Band World magazine. As I was on the way to receive the award in Chicago on December 18th, I received a voice mail that I retrieved upon landing at O’Hare… Mr Ingelson, I am calling on behalf of President Obama and Vice President Biden to invite your band to represent California at the Inauguration… We were selected as 1 of only 10 High School Bands, 10 university and college bands from more than 2800 applications. For the next 23 days, I literally worked 20 hours a day, every day, to organize and execute the transfer of 110 students to Washington, raise $150,000, and attempt to take care of the other responsibilities of my job and family. It was an amazing once in a lifetime moment for our students and when the President and Vice President rose to applaud the students, I can tell you it was something that we will never forget.”

Since our return, we completed a number of other commitments that were made prior to our invitation to the Inaugural including an international festival with 400 Chinese music students from Beijing in San Gabriel last weekend.

Brian has been teaching at Palm Springs High School in Palm Springs, California for the past 17 years. He is the Director of Bands there as well as the Fine Arts Chair. Brian earned his B.A. from the University of Calgary, and his M.Ed. from the University of Missouri.

Brian has received the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, and was named Palm Springs Teacher of the Year in both 1997 and 2006. He was also named the Outstanding Music Director from the Desert Theater League.

Brian states his philosophy in these words, “It is my belief that education in the fine arts is essential to student development. It provides for emotional expression, intrinsic worth, and an opportunity to explore our culture as well as others. Learning music is the only subject that encompasses the entire body both physically and mentally. Education must be meaningful and relevant to students. Music as a performing art must have performance as part of its core. It is a musician’s duty and responsibility to share their talents and experience with the next generation of artist. Our most important trophies are our students. Success in music provides the necessary skills for success in life. I love teaching and I believe there is no more important responsibility than teaching our future generations. Music gives us the opportunity to teach not only our passion, but how to be successful in life.”


William Howard Taft University Welcomes Dr. Laura Pogue

Jerome Alley, President of William Howard Taft University, announced that Dr.Laura Pogue has been appointed Dean of the W. Edwards Deming School of Business.

Dr. Pogue has been a dedicated business educator for over 15 years, providing business education in the corporate, online, and traditional classrooms. She has served in many leadership roles for accredited academic institutions, in addition to mentoring doctoral and graduate business students. Dr. Pogue has remained at the forefront of online education policies and initiatives and presently serves as a distance education specialist for several accrediting commissions, recognized by the Department of Education.

Alley commented “The appointment of Dr. Pogue signifies a commitment to the advancement of our mission of providing quality distance education programs to adult students. I am confident that her drive and enthusiasm for distance learning combined with an extensive background of business education and experience will be an invaluable benefit to our business school students and faculty.”

Dr Pogue succeeds Dr. David Lady who is moving on to new entrepreneurial ventures. We wish Dr. Lady the very best, and welcome Dr. Pogue to our team of dedicated educators.

Message from Dr. Pogue