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As an educational division of The Taft University System, comprised of William Howard Taft University and Taft Law School, we have been providing quality distance education programs since 1976. Our accredited online degrees offer you an opportunity to get ahead in your career while balancing job, family and quality of life issues. Recent labor analytics research by Boston-based Burning Glass Technologies, has noted that “up-credentialing is affecting a wide range of jobs from executive assistants to construction supervisors.”

Employers increasingly require a college degree with the expectation that the graduate is motivated, can think analytically, and brings a strong, disciplined work ethic to the job. These are qualities and skills that Taft University both teaches and requires.

At William Howard Taft University we offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs and specializations designed to help mature adults achieve their academic and career goals. Students in the Boyer Graduate School of Education and the W. Edwards Deming School of Business are mentored by faculty who are terminally degreed practitioners in their fields, and strongly committed to the academic and career success of our students. As we approach our fifth decade of providing quality distance education, I look forward to ensuring that we remain a highly respected distance education institution and that we continue to graduate students with functional knowledge and skills directly applicable to employer needs.

Warm regards,

Neil A. Johnson, Ph.D.

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