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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Venture Grant

We know you’re busy – that’s why our programs are designed to work around your schedules. And now our MBA is cheaper than ever! With this grant, MBA tuition is just $169/unit. That’s a savings of 25% off standard pricing. Along with our general MBA, our available concentrations include Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management and Health Care Administration.

Total Program Tuition with Grant: $6,084

Key Requirements:
– Must begin studies on or before November 15, 2019.
– Must begin studies on earliest possible start date upon acceptance into the program.

For more information, visit our news post or email

Master of Education (MEd) Advancement Grant

We’re making it easier and more affordable than ever for you to advance on your district’s pay schedule by getting an MEd. It’s tough for teachers to find the time and money to go back to school and further their own education – so to help, we are offering a limited time grant that will allow you to pay just $195/unit in tuition.

Total Program Tuition with Grant: $5,850 ($6,630 for Montessori Track)

Key Requirements:
– Must begin studies on or before September 15, 2019
– Must begin studies on earliest possible start date upon acceptance into the program.

For more information, visit our news post or email

Master of Science in Taxation (MST) Incentive Grant

Now that tax season is wrapping up, we’re offering reduced tuition rates for our MST program. For a limited time, average tuition will be just $369/unit with rates that go down each semester. Your first 10 units will be $495, the next 9 units will be $320, and the final 11 units will be $295.

Total Program Tuition with Grant: $11,075

Key Requirements:
– Must begin studies on or before September 15, 2019.
– Must begin studies at the earliest possible start date upon acceptance into the program.
– Enrolled Agents do not need to have a Bachelor’s Degree to get into the program.

For more information, visit our news post or email

Doctor of Education (EdD) Founders Grant

Refine your knowledge and skills to boost your career by getting an EdD with Taft University. We know times are tough for teachers – with the Founders Grant, you can earn your EdD in as little as 27 months for just $315/month in tuition.

EdD Program Concentrations:
Leadership & Management
Technology & Leadership
Charter School Administration

Key Requirements:
– Must begin studies on or before August 1, 2019.
– Must begin studies on the earliest possible start date upon acceptance into the program.

For more information, visit our news post or email

Dr. Roger J. Duthoy Scholarship Program

Every year, Taft University offers scholarships to qualified educators interested in getting a Doctor of Education degree from us.

The 2019 Duthoy Scholarship Program is already closed to applicants but keep an eye out for next year’s opportunity.

Third Party Scholarships

The scholarship offers listed below are made available by third parties unaffiliated with William Howard Taft University or The Taft University System. Please direct any questions about the scholarships to the party offering the scholarship.


Chase Rubin Grant

Chase Rubin is offering a $1200 Grant opportunity to eligible students towards their higher learning education each year. You can find full details regarding eligibility, applying, winner selection, and more below.

Eligibility Requirements
– Current high school students graduating in 2019 that have already been accepted into an accredited college or university.
– Current college or university students who haven’t reached their final year of school.

Eligible students can enter by submitting a 500-word essay on the following topic, “What is something that hasn’t been invented yet that you think the world can benefit from”?

Submission Deadline
November 1, 2019

Winner Selection
A winner will be selected and contacted during December 2019 by Chase Rubin or his representative. Once contacted, the winner has two weeks to respond before a winner up is selected. Once the winner responds the scholarship will be sent to their school’s financial aid office.

Julie Queler Scholarship

The Julie Queler Scholarship has been created to help students defray the high cost of university tuition. Julie believes that everyone who seeks high education should be able to do so. The Julie Queler Scholarship is the result of her commitment.

Ms. Queler is committed to granting one student per year the chance to be awarded a $1000 scholarship to be applied to their 2019 cost of tuition.

Eligibility Requirements
You are currently an enrolled college student that has not reached Senior Year You are a currently a high school senior that has been accepted into a college or university.

For a chance to win the Julie Queler Scholarship, please answer the following question; in the form of a 5-minute video:

“Be the change you want to see – An Idea Whose Time Has Come. What is the change you want to see and how would you make it happen?”

Submission Deadline
August 1st, 2019

Winner Selection
The Julie Queler Scholarship Committee will review all applications in August 2019. Julie Queler will pick a winner from 10 applications the committee selects to award the scholarship.

Verma Farms Scholarship

Verma Farms is passionate about research intro natural foods, supplements, and other ways we can live healthier more fulfilling lives. To help in this mission, we’ve started the Verma Farms Scholarship for full or part-time students at an accredited college or University.

Scholarship Amount: $1000

Essay Question:
“Why Research Into Organic Products is Essential for Society” or “Why Health is More Important Than Ever Before”

Submission Deadline: 
August 31, 2019

Eligibility Requirements:
Students must currently be enrolled full time at an accredited 2 year or 4-year university, community or junior college, or a graduate degree program. Students must be a US citizen.

SDL Achievers Scholarship

We at SameDayLoans365 have designed the ongoing quarterly SDL Achievers Scholarship program aiming at covering the education costs of the most talented and ambitious students, whose essays fuel our desire to make this scholarship a tradition.

The award:
$500, Quarterly.

March 28, June 28, September 28, December 28

How to Enter:
To enter our contest, students are required to write a 750-word essay or infographic on one of the following topics:
– The Event That Significantly Changed My Life
– Best Methods of Diversifying Your Education Background
– Meaningful Decisions That Impacted My Personal Development

– Be enrolled full time in high school or at least part time in college, graduate, professional, or trade school.
– Be a U.S. citizen
– Possess a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship

We understand the impact of distracted driving and want to bring awareness to solving this societal issue.  The $5,000 scholarship will award one student who successfully creates a plan to persuade people to stop distracted driving.  The requirements of the scholarship are open-ended.  Applicants are encouraged to create videos, submit strategies, or any other creative ideas they may have.

Our application deadline is March 31, 2020.  The selected winner will be notified by email prior to April 30, 2020.  For full details regarding eligibility, requirements, and submission, please visit our Scholarship Page.

The Melvin Brewing Scholarship

The Melvin Brewing Scholarship was created to help students lift a little bit of financial stress off of their shoulders while also helping to strengthen our communities since the youth of today are our future! Students from all majors and areas of study are encouraged to apply.

To be eligible, each applicant will be asked to submit a short essay of no more than 500 words. The award for this scholarship is $1,000 and all applications must be submitted by March 30, 2020. At the conclusion of the application period, a committee will confer and select a winner by the first week of April 2020.

The following people are eligible for the Melvin Brewing scholarship:
– Students who are currently enrolled full or part-time in a college or university

All applicants must be a U.S. citizen from the 50 states or the District of Columbia.

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