2021 DBA Tuition Grant Extended

DBA Fall Tuition Grant Extended

The Fine Print:

  • Doctorate students may take a leave of absence for one or two months in between courses. Students may not take more than two months off every 12-month period. During that leave of absence, no tuition payments will be due. Student will also not have access to their courses during a leave of absence.
  • Grant is open to the first 25 qualifying applicants who enroll and begin their studies. It is not available to students who have previously enrolled in the program.
  • Students who enroll with the grant must complete at least two courses per year to maintain satisfactory progress.
  • Students who enroll under the grant are still responsible for all fees associated with the program.
  • The grant is offered by the Taft University System and the enrollment period expires on October 1, 2021. Grant recipients must complete two courses every twelve months to retain the discounted tuition rate of $336/month. Students who fail to meet the tuition reduction targets will not retain the grant but can continue at the standard tuition rate of $420 per month. Doctorate grant recipients are charged $336 per month until the student completes their dissertation defense or until they complete their 48th month of study, whichever comes first. Doctorate students in the program after 48 months will be charged the continuation rate of $125 per month instead of $420 per month tuition. The program’s tuition does not include any additional fees, including a one-time $100 Registration & Orientation Fee, $450 Dissertation/ADP Defense Fee, and $350 Dissertation/ADP Fee. Students are responsible for the cost of all required textbooks which may be obtained through a variety of sources. The grant cannot be combined with other grant offers including a PIPE grant.
  • Any student who enrolls under the grant and then withdraws forfeits their right to re-enroll at their previous tuition rate without submitting a petition and being approved.