DBA Opportunity Grant

Our DBA Opportunity Grant offers tuition at just $335/month.

That’s a savings of 20% off the standard tuition of $420/month!


Businesses are Facing New Challenges.

Those Challenges are an Opportunity for Innovation.

Grow Your Business & Career with a DBA! 

We’re all coming into a lot of change this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t come out the other side on your way to having a doctorate! Stand out from the crowd with our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree and build your career with confidence. Gain knowledge about topics like marketing, leadership, global business, and strategy – and learn how to implement those theories and ideas in real life situations. 


Why Taft University?

  • We have offered quality distance education since 1976.
  • Courses are 100% online independent study – study anywhere, at any time, on any device.
  • All of our faculty are experienced and terminally credentialed industry professionals who implement real life experience in the courses.
  • You don’t have to complete a dissertationinstead, we offer the option to do an Applied Doctoral Project (ADP), which allows you to apply knowledge in a practical way.
  • We offer monthly tuition payments so you can control how much your doctorate costs.
  • You can take a leave of absence between courses, allowing for a break when life gets unexpectedly busy.
  • You can defer existing federal student loans for the duration of your program.
  • We have no residency requirements – study from anywhere and pay the same tuition price no matter where you live.


Our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program gives well-rounded and practical knowledge about running a successful business, including strategic planning, marketing management, and leadership theory. We focus on knowledge that can be applied practically towards furthering a career in business. Plus, electives cover topics such as global economy, accounting & finance, and competitive analysis and strategy.


Requirements of students who wish to take advantage of the grant:

  • Must begin studies on or before November 1, 2020.***
  • Grant recipients must meet the regular admission requirements of the Program – a Master’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Only new applicants who have not previously been enrolled into a Taft University program are eligible for the DBA Opportunity Grant.
  • The DBA Opportunity Grant is open to the first 25 qualified applicants who enroll and begin their studies.


For More Information Contact:
Ni & Megan
877-894-TAFT (8238)


*Doctorate students may take a leave of absence for one or two months in between courses. Students may not take more than two months off every 12-month period.

**The DBA Opportunity Grant is offered by the Taft University System and the enrollment period expires on November 1, 2020. Grant recipients are charged $335 per month until the student completes their dissertation defense. Grant recipients must complete two courses every twelve months to retain the discounted tuition rate of $335/month. Students who fail to meet the tuition reduction targets will not retain the grant but can continue at the standard tuition rate of $420 per month. Doctorate students in the program after 48 months will be charged the continuation rate of $125 per month instead of $420 per month tuition. The program’s tuition does not include any additional fees, including a one-time $100 Registration & Orientation Fee, $450 Dissertation/ADP Defense Fee, and $350 Dissertation/ADP Fee. Students are responsible for the cost of all required textbooks which may be obtained through a variety of sources. The grant cannot be combined with other grant offers including a PIPE grant.