MBA Venture Grant

MBA Venture Grant

Looking for Leadership Skills?

Want to Move into Management?

Aspire to Start Your Own Business?

 We know your schedules are busier than ever – that’s why we offer 100% online, independent study degree programs specifically designed for working professionals. If getting your Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) has always been on your list but you just haven’t found the time or money yet – now’s your chance!

Our M.B.A. Venture Grant offers tuition at just $169/unit.

That’s a savings of 25% off the standard tuition of $225/unit!

Start your studies the 15th of any month.

 Why Taft University?

  • Courses are 100% online independent study – study anywhere, at any time, on any device.
  • All of our faculty are experienced and terminally credentialed industry professionals who implement real life experience in the courses.
  • You get individualized attention from your faculty whenever you need it.
  • We offer a tuition payment plan to help spread out required costs without interest.
  • You can take a leave of absence between semesters, allowing for a break when your life or work gets extra busy.
  • You can defer existing federal student loans for the duration of your program.
  • We have no residency requirements – study from anywhere and pay the same tuition price no matter where you live.
  • No mandatory discussion groups!

If you’re interested in more specialized knowledge, we offer a general M.B.A. and two areas of concentration. Choose from either Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management or Health Care Administration. If you elect to take our general M.B.A. program, there are also four elective focus areas: strategic management, operations management, information management, and human resources management. All of our concentrations provide knowledge and skills in a variety of business aspects, including marketing, accounting, legal regulations, and management strategies.


Requirements of students who wish to take advantage of the grant:

  • Must begin studies on or before November 15, 2019.*
  • Grant recipients must meet the regular admission requirements of the Program – a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University.
  • Only new applicants who have not previously been enrolled into a Taft University program are eligible for the M.B.A. Venture Grant.
  • The M.B.A. Venture Grant is open to the first 25 qualified applicants who enroll and begin their studies. Those who are accepted and would like to begin with the tuition grant will need to begin their studies on the earliest possible start

Programs Overview:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – The MBA program is designed for individuals interested in acquiring the skills and educational qualifications needed to succeed in almost any business environment.

MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (MBA-E&SBM) – The MBA-E&SBM program is designed for individuals who need the knowledge and techniques to start and operate successful small businesses.

MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration (MBA-HCA) – The MBA-HCA program is designed for health care professionals needing the relevant knowledge to move into private practice or management of health care departments or organizations.


For More Information Contact:
Ni & Megan
877-894-TAFT (8238)


* The M.B.A. Venture Grant is offered by the Taft University System and the enrollment period expires on November 15, 2019. Students who do not enroll and begin their studies by November 15, 2019 will not be able to begin with the tuition grant. They may begin at any time with our standard tuition. Students who do not meet the tuition reduction targets will not retain the grant but can continue at the standard tuition rate of $225 per unit.

**Grant recipients must complete each of their semesters within 6 months of enrollment in the semester and all graduation requirements within 2 years of matriculation to maintain the lower tuition rate. If a grant recipient does not complete their program within 2 years of initial enrollment, they may continue the program at the standard tuition rate of $225/unit and will be required to pay a late graduation fee of $950. All Master’s students must complete all required courses within 5 years from the date of initial enrollment. The grant cannot be combined with other grant offers including a PIPE grant. The cost of fees and books/materials (which can be purchased from any source) are not included in tuition.