Talk to Your Teacher: They Really Are Here to Help

Taft University may be an online school, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have faculty there to help. Your teachers are always available to help you with your reading and/or assignments if there is something you don’t understand. But they can’t help if you don’t ask.

They’re Industry Professionals

We hire faculty members who excel in their field. They are well-equipped to teach your courses because they have learned firsthand how business, education, or taxation industries operate. Not just anyone who applies to teach at Taft University is hired as one of our adjunct faculty members because we understand what goes into a quality education. If you are in our Master of Education degree program, your faculty will be current or prior education professionals who have a finger on industry trends.

Because of this experience, they will understand when you have a question about what you are learning. They can help you relate theories from your textbooks and assignments to real life examples they have encountered. It’s important to be able to relate gained knowledge to how it can be used practically – your teachers have the knowledge and experience to help show that angle with what you learn.

They’ve Been Where You Are

All faculty members teaching our courses have completed, at minimum, the degree level at which they are teaching. If you are in our Doctor of Business Administration degree program, your professors will all have earned their Doctorate degree(s) prior to teaching your courses.

Why does this matter? Because they’ve been in your position. Not only have they gained higher level knowledge and skills, but they have also sat where you are now. They understand what it’s like to learn the theories and skills that you may be struggling with or questioning. Getting a Master’s or Doctorate degree is not an easy task, but our faculty are ready and eager to help you.

They’re There to Help You Learn

Simply put, it’s their job. They are paid to teach you and that includes being there to answer any questions you have.

Many students are afraid to ask questions. Don’t be. You’re here to gain knowledge. Everyone learns in different styles and at different speeds, so don’t feel bad asking questions. Even if you think it is a dumb question, you probably aren’t the first to ask, so don’t be embarrassed.

Need Someone Else to Talk to?

Student Support can help. If you are struggling with your course load or having trouble getting ahold of your assigned faculty, don’t hesitate to bring it up to Stephanie in Student Support. While we rarely have trouble with our faculty being responsive to students, circumstances can arise where communication is not prompt. When this happens, we like to know so that we can address it with that member of our faculty. Trust that we hold them to high standards, so when questions go unanswered or assignments ungraded, we will make sure the situation is corrected immediately.

Don’t Let Them Go Under-Utilized

Whether on campus or online, teachers can be an under-utilized resource. Many students are hesitant to ask for additional help from their teachers and this tendency is exaggerated in an online classroom setting. Because there isn’t face-to-face interaction, students may feel less comfortable asking for help. Don’t let this be you!

While you may not meet your teacher in person, they are there to help you learn. They’re only an email away!

Author: Megan Menendez

To see all of Taft’s faculty members, visit our Faculty page.

For more information about Taft University programs, visit our Academic Programs page.

If you need to contact Student Support, send an email to or call 888-748-1842.

To get started on your online degree with Taft – or if you have any questions about accreditation – feel free to email or call us at 877-894-TAFT (8238).

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